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How can a customer change their order?

It depends on the construction phase of their project. Please contact customer service at 800-COMMANDER. We will make every effort to modify your order. Additional cost, along with a non-refundable additional deposit may be required.

If a customer's site is not ready on the day of install, what happens?

Many times the installer will work with a site at additional cost to the homeowner. No excavation will be done by an installer. If the installer has to leave and then return later to install the building at a later date, a return trip fee will be charged for the second site visit.

How wide can we manufacture a building?

Our standard pricing ends at 40′ wide however, we have the capability of going up to 100′ wide. Please call customer service for customer orders. 800-COMMANDER

What do you tell a cusomter regarding the length of time it takes to install a Metal Commander building once an order is placed?

The majority of our structures are installed in less than 6 weeks. It is rare for a building to take more than sixty days to install. 

How many legs per siide are installed on the following metal structures?

· Metal Barns: The distance between the legs is determined by the length of the building. The certified engineer determines the actual amount.

· Metal Buildings: The distance between the legs is determined by the length of the building. The actual amount is determined by the certified engineer.

What should a cusomter do to make their site ready for delivery and installation?

In order to be provided with the highest quality pre-engineered building and installation, please ensure the installation site is ready prior to the arrival of the installers. The surface should be flat and accessible. All permits, homeowner association approvals, county and city setback restrictions, etc. must be on hand. Flooring is not included.

Can a customer get a kit building?

Yes. Each Metal Commander pre-engineered building is delivered as a complete kit ready for installation. For DIY (do it yourself) customers, they can install the building on their own time after delivery. Metal Commander will not charge an installation fee in this case. 

Explain the anchoring options for the following foundation types:

· Gravel/Dirt: Rebar is used when installing a metal structure over dirt or gravel.

· Concrete Pads or Footers: Concrete lag bolts (Redheads) are used for installing them on concrete pads or footers.

· Asphalt:  Auger anchors can be used on asphalt. Rebar or asphalt anchors (rebar anchors) can also be used on asphalt.

What is the standard roof pitch of a metal structure?

3/12 pitch is the standard, but call us to get a quote on a customer pitch or check out the estimated peak height chart.

How can a customer lock in the price of a metal structure to be sure they aren't affected by price increases?

When you place their order and make the deposit, we still let them delay the delivery and installation of their order for up to three months.

Metal Carport For Sale
Metal Carport For Sale

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